Please find below a Q&A related to Covid. I am also happy to reassure you that I have undertaken a course in the prevention of Covid. Our Covid risk assessment can also be viewed here.

When should / shouldn’t a student attend classes at GWDA and what will happen if there is a POSITIVE COVID test result at our academy?

1. If there is a CONFIRMED case in our dance academy we will phone PHE and ask their advice and guidance. Due to us having social distancing in place it will be up to them to make the decision if the class bubble and teacher will need to isolate. If this was the case, classes will immediately switch to zoom.
2. If your child is sent home from school because there is a confirmed case in their school bubble and told they must isolate for 10-14 days they CANNOT come to our classes during this time, even if they have no symptoms.
3. If one of our student’s siblings / household member is isolating under the advice of Track and Trace or their school, and remains well with no symptoms, the student IS allowed to attend our classes.
4. If someone in your household (NOT one of our students directly) has a POSITIVE test but our student remains symptomless we do NOT need to close down our dance class bubble. This is because ourselves and the other students are SECONDARY contacts. The student in question however, will have to isolate with their household and NOT attend classes with us.
5. If a student attending our class has SYMPTOMS but no positive test, we can keep our class running until we know the results of the test. Obviously, the student with symptoms cannot attend while awaiting test results.
6. If someone in the household with one of our students has SYMPTOMS, we ask for you to isolate and NOT ATTEND our classes until you know the outcome of the test.
7. To explain our teacher / class set up’s in case of a positive result at our academy:
Bubble A is taught by Teacher A. If one student in bubble A tests positive for COVID19, that student, bubble A and teacher A have to isolate and our classes will switch to zoom.
Teacher A also taught bubble B & bubble C etc … These bubbles are counted as ‘SECONDARY’ contacts and do NOT have to isolate. Obviously a replacement teacher will teach the lessons whilst Teacher A isolates, or, if this is not possible classes will switch to Zoom.
8. Finally- DO NOT attend our classes if our student or their household have travelled outside of the UK within the last 14 days to countries not included in the ‘safe to travel’ corridors list as currently dictated by the UK government.
9. A reminder of CORONA virus symptoms:
-A high temperature
– A new, continuous cough
– The loss or change of sense of taste or smell

Will the children be socially distanced?

Yes- Orpington Village Halls has measured out and placed markers on the studio floors to show the students their designated spots. It is very clear and should be simple to follow. When performing corner work, and larger jump sequences, we are fortunate that the studios are very large and will easily allow for social distancing around the edge of the studio which the teacher will verbally manage for these particular sequences (please note, these type of dances only apply to our senior classes who are of an easier age to understand). Otherwise, the classes will be taught in socially distanced squares.

What items can I bring to the studios?

Please come already dressed for your classes and bring minimal additional items. Your belongings will be placed at the side of the studio next to your designated area.
* Please note, we cannot keep hold of any lost property

Do I need to wear a mask?

We ask that all senior school students do wear a mask when entering, walking to the studio and exiting the building. Once they are in the studio in their designated area, the mask can be removed and placed with their belongings until the end of class.
If younger students also wish to wear masks of course they can and if anyone chooses to wear a mask throughout their class then this is also absolutely fine.

Can I use the toilets?

Yes, these will be open but will be on a one in one out use to allow for social distancing and cleaning

How will you keep record of who is attending the classes for track and trace?

As always, we will be taking a register at the start of each class and will have your details in our system from your online registration to our classes, so we can easily contact you and if needs pass this information on to track and trace.

Have you completed a risk assessment for the studios regarding COVID19?

Yes we have and we are satisfied that it meet requirements. A link to it can be found at the bottom of our website.

How will you manage a student who becomes unwell during class time?

We will contact the parent / guardian immediately to ensure they can be collected ASAP, and they will be asked to wait in the small carpeted room at the end of the corridor (where we often do the hair for the ballet exams) to remove them from the class.

What happens if classes do need to be stopped again in the future?

We will simply switch over to Zoom following the exact same timetable to ensure continuity of our classes.

Can I continue my classes with zoom if the class I wish to attend is already full (as I appreciate there are now class number limitations to ensure social distancing) or if I just don't feel confident in bringing my child physically to their class?

Yes- we are intending to have the lap top running, facing the teacher at all times, allowing students to partake from home on zoom if they wish. You will still need to register for the class and then please let Miss Georgina know directly ( if this is your intention. We will only set up zoom meetings for classes where particular students have chosen this route.
You must however understand that the teacher will be unable to offer direct corrections and feedback to our online students as she will need to be managing the children in front of her.

How do I pay for my classes this term?

Once you have signed up, you will receive your term invoice. You will have 2 weeks to complete payment for this unless any other payment method has been agreed with you and the principal. The academy has taken a huge hit during COVID and we are struggling to continue. We ask for your support in prompt payment in order for us to continue to run our classes.

How does the new 3 Tier government system effect our Ballet classes?

In short, it doesn’t.

In tier 1, we may continue as normal. In tier 2 and 3 (or medium, high, very high) all under 18 activities are exempt from the ban on households meeting indoors.

In tier 1 and 2 (medium and high) over 18 activity is allowed so long as you are a COVID secure business. In tier 3 over 18 exercise activity is also allowed, so adult dance classes may continue (this is for the adults who attend with our pre-schoolers for Tiny Footsteps Ballet)
HOWEVER, in Liverpool and other TIER 3 (very high) locations, councils have the option to take additional precautions which include closing indoor fitness and exercise.

* For us, we should be able to continue to run in the event of any of the 3 TIER’s, however, the council would have the overall say in TIER 3 (VERY HIGH), if it came to that.


It doesn’t. As a COVID SECURE business the rule of 6 does not affect us. Children, as we know, must be in small, consistent class bubbles.
We have also taken additional steps, and have socially distanced all our students as well, from age 5+, so as a result our students arrive as 1 from a household, enter socially distant, do the class socially distant and leave socially distant to provide the most COVID secure set up possible.

How does it effect parents dropping off and waiting to collect from our classes?

In tier 1 it means you can have a friendly meet up with six of you, and stand chatting (socially distanced) but no more than this. In tier 2 and 3, this means that you can’t stand around chatting. There is still NO PARENT/ GUARDIAN on site waiting in line with the Village Halls procedures.

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